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2022-04-12 Terrabox – Sand, Electric in, Solar Panels Out

This self-contained solar PV factory takes in sand and electricity in and puts out solar panels. But where do the other materials come from? Like the metal frame, the solder, the copper wire?

2021-11-23 Replace Germanium With Silicon Transistors

I also remember those projects that used the CK722 and 2N107. The last few years I have been repairing older transistor radios with germanium transistors. I have had a few of them with bad germanium output transistors, and I’ve replaced them with silicon PNP transistors, along with a change in base bias resistors. They work

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2012-09-22 Germanium Joule Thief Squeezes The Energizer Bunny

Here is my latest germanium Joule Thief, shown squeezing the last few hundred millivolts out of the Energizer Bunny (“It just keep going and going…”).  This is a real Zombie Battery Killer – that last half volt left after the regular silicon JT has given up is now sucked out, down to less than0.2V.   

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