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2009-01-10 Experimental Joule Thief

Date 2017-01-12 Link to Experimental Joule Thief

2016-02-23 Joule Thief With Daylight Shutoff

I designed my Blue Blinky with a daylight shutoff, using a LED as the light sensor and an additional transistor to amplify the minuscule current that the LED puts out.  This worked just great because there is the point across the timing capacitor where the current is very low, and it takes very little current

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2015-12-25 Joule Thief In Mainstream Media

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays, too. I found this article, to my surprise, in a summer issue of Pop Sci magazine.  I was surprised because when it came to mainstream media, I thought that the Joule Thief was a best kept secret; hardly anyone other than ‘techies’ knew about it.  But here’s proof otherwise. I think

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2014-10-28 Joule Thief In Wikipedia

I was looking at the references in the Joule Thief Wiki at Wikipedia, especially the first reference, [1] after “Armstrong” in the first line of the text. This refers to an article which describes this as an Armstrong or Meissner oscillator. This article then points back to Wikipedia as a reference. What we have is

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2013-03-23 LED Brightness Comparison

I did learn something from the Grease Spot Photometer Experiment.  I found that the grease spot really does work.  I can compare the brightness of two LEDs to find out the current in each LED.  But then I realized that I don’t really need two LEDs (I didn’t use two with my luxmeter measurements).  All

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2012-09-22 Germanium Joule Thief Squeezes The Energizer Bunny

Here is my latest germanium Joule Thief, shown squeezing the last few hundred millivolts out of the Energizer Bunny (“It just keep going and going…”).  This is a real Zombie Battery Killer – that last half volt left after the regular silicon JT has given up is now sucked out, down to less than0.2V.   

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2012-09-13 JT Blinker Using Single Winding Coil

I was discussing with Aki ( his JT blinker, which uses a single winding coil, two transistors for the “JT” V booster, and two transistors in an astable multivibrator to blink the “JT”.  He asked me to include the schematic. The first circuit boards that I had made from used an astable multivibrator.  I

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2011-12-27 Troubleshooting Joule Thief Problems

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Some of the most common reasons why a JT doesn’t work are: The windings are incorrectly connected.  You can usually fix this by disconnecting ONE winding and swapping the two wires.  If you have a fresh battery connected to your non-working JT, measure the voltage at the collector of the transistor.  It should be the

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