2023-10-18 Tesla’s 120 Acre Ecological Restoration


Some info from Joe T Patreon

NEWS: Tesla has revealed a 120-acre Giga Texas ecological uplift project.


Restoring natural habitats in historically depleted mining site

  • Diversity: 30+ Native / Adaptive Species
  • 5,000+ new native trees planted
  • 2,000+ wetland plants, 10,000 in this season
  • 50-acres of invasive species removal
  • 46 acres seeded (100% completed)

Soil Amendment:

Restructuring of depleted soil to bring into healthy state to support plant restoration

  • 11,000 Cu.yds (220 truck loads) of composting
  • Carefully selected to optimize healthy plant growth and boost biological activity
  • 46 acres soil amendment (100% completed)

Shallow Water Habitat Grading

  • ~30-acres of shallow water habitat created to improve stormwater quality and attract wildlife

Water Usage

  • Irrigation using reclaimed water will offset 150M gallons/year of potable water

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