2022-04-08 Stop Complaining About Wind Turbine Blades!

From FB group

It’s not fair and unacceptable to blame wind turbine blades for being a landfill problem. Only 10 to 12% of the total plastic in landfills is due to wind turbine blades.

Stop complaining about what’s in the landfills and complain about the plastic waste that’s turning the oceans into trash dumps and damaging the marine habitat. These microplastics are getting into the food we eat and into our own bodies! If there was ever an irrational, misdirected complaint, it has to be wind turbine blades in landfills! It’s the fear mongers of the fossil fuel industries intentionally spreading F U D.

Get your heads away from the anti”windmill” propaganda and be *very* worried that the wind turbine manufacturers can’t increase production fast enough to help put an end to fossil fueled power before the Earth is too damaged to recover! We can’t end this fossil fuel damage without wind turbines!

And for Earth’s sake, stop complaining about wind turbine blades!

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