2021-10-08 Future Of Green Hydrogen

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Troy Slavant
Said, “hydrogen… Is more expensive than gasoline and always will be.”

You’re right about the first half, green hydrogen is more expensive at this time.

But it won’t be once the electrolysis plants are built. This is one example. Note the article mentions Japan, Korea, US, Germany. Note this is Australian government website. Australia must replace evil coal as an export commodity. Other countries which import natural gas will have to make the transition, too. Don’t have a panic attack when you’ve found out you don’t know what you are talking about.


<< The largest commercial green hydrogen project currently proposed for Australia is a 15 GW wind and solar project in the Pilbara in Western Australia. Up to 3 GW would be dedicated to large energy users in the region, such as mines and mineral processing facilities, while 12 GW would be used to produce green hydrogen for domestic and export markets. Construction is forecast to commence in 2023–24, with first generation in 2025–26. >>

Troy Slavant
Said, “[hydrogen] is an alternative to gasoline albeit a poor one.”

Gasoline was a poor alternative to vegetable oil, too. Diesel ran his engine on vegetable oil that could be bought, but you couldn’t buy diesel fuel or gasoline. From 1900 to 1913 the country went from horses to horseless carriages. Gasoline and diesel fuel became cheap and plentiful.

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