2021-05-12 TSLA Shareholder Whines About Stock Market

From FB TSLA group comments

<< More Sun Tzu

“When big appear small when small appear big. When near appear far, When far appear near.”

In your case, it’s “When dumb act smart when broke act rich when losing money act like you’ve got all the money to lose.”

You’re literally crying to the man a few comments below me asking him to be sensitive to you. You are here crying publicly about your losses on a SHAREHOLDERS page when you are talking about LEAPS.

You are here losing money because of your own actions. You turned equity into a loss. You can project all the insecurities you want. You’re doing nothing but helping the page see the real you.

The reality is you’re acting like you’re building up the company. All you are doing is providing liquidity and wasting oxygen. >>

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