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2022-01-28 Tesla: 50% Growth Possible At Fremont, Shanghai

Elon said the chip shortage was a lot like the toilet paper fiasco. But what really inspires me is that they said that there’s a lot of life left in the old girl in Fremont and that California can be up there with the biggest carmakers in the US. Fremont was originally a GM and

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2022-01-27 Thousands Of Institutional Investors In TSLA

There are thousands of institutional investors in TSLA.

2022-01-17 CalPERS Has A Large Position in TSLA Stock

CalPERS, California Public Employees Retirement System, my pension payer, has a sizeable position in Tesla stock. Over a billion, 300 million at its current value of a little over $1000.00.

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2021-12-01 TSLA Hits $1000

In November, 2021 Hertz said they had ordered 100,000 model 3s from Tesla. Shortly thereafter TSLA hit $1000 a share. The numbers are mind boggling. At 5000 EVs a week, all of them going to Hertz, that would require 20 weeks to produce. Obviously not all will go to Hertz, so it’s going to take

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2021-10-25 Disruptive Technologies And High Risk

FB group TSLA… answer to wild speculation after TSLA stock rocketed past $1000 today. Other than pipe dream speculation, I see only a single word that has truth to it: disrupt. Due to its bleeding edge technology, there is no telling with certainty where the future will lie. Disruptive innovation goes along with high risk;

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2021-05-21 GF Texas, Hundreds Of Model Y Castings

FB group TSLA Shareholders I see xxx is hurting the stock price. Or yyy is going to help the stock price. The stock price is going to go anywhere or nowhere depending on the whims of investors. We as individuals don’t collectively have the money to make much difference in the long run. So just

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2021-05-18 Tesla Doesn’t Need Credits To Make A Profit

I’m fed up with the misinformed twerps who parrot the pundits who say, “If it wasn’t for regulatory credits, Tesla would be losing money.” That’s total nonsense with no basis in fact.

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2021-05-12 TSLA Shareholder Whines About Stock Market

From FB TSLA group comments << More Sun Tzu “When big appear small when small appear big. When near appear far, When far appear near.” In your case, it’s “When dumb act smart when broke act rich when losing money act like you’ve got all the money to lose.” You’re literally crying to the man

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2021-03-24 Tesla Disruptive Tech And Competition

From TSLA shareholders FB group Allen Madison One thing that I haven’t seen any information on is whether or not other carmakers will be replacing or expanding. If other carmakers replace existing ICE production with EVs, then there is no change in the number of cars that others produce. There are only so many customers

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2021-01-26 Tesla Stock To Grow 4x To $3500 — Cathie Wood

Yep. That’s what she predicts. And she’s most likely right. The whole stock market could drop like a rock and drag TSLA down with it. But everyone loses, not just Tesla. So it’s risky but worth the risk.

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