2021-03-04 Renewables Plus Storage Replacing Gas Power Plants

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Gene Piwko Jr
Said, “I just think folks aren’t educating themselves on these things [wind, solar, battery storage].”

It looks like this applies to you more than anyone else. You claim that solar is not that reliable. That may have been true ten years ago but today renewables plus storage is replacing fossil fueled power plants.

This is one of five battery storage systems this company owns. And there are many others being built. There will be no fossil fuel power plants by 2035 or probably before then. That article you linked to said it’s impossible without government subsidies. Well, these are private companies that build and own these battery storage systems and they’re built under a long term power purchase agreement and I don’t see any government subsidies.


Nuclear power is too expensive. Here is the chart of levelized costs of the energy generation types.


100% Renewables plus storage is necessary as soon as possible.


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