2020-12-04 Benghazi, Iran And Other Blame-HRC-For-Its

Nancy Burian
I don’t think you know the whole story about the killings in Benghazi and other US embassies before that. But you’re too closed-minded to find out the truth and get rid of your hatred for HRC.

You certainly don’t know about the “Iran deal” because that $400-some million was Iran’s money that the US had seized, and we were giving it back to its rightful owner. The other points you brought up were also not as you described. You’ve been indoctrinated into believing half-truths and outright lies.

You seem to be the type who is critical of educated people (maybe you’re jealous). Obama wrote books because he had stories to tell, like on page 206 he says outright “I’m a Christian,” and thus blowing up the claim that he’s a Muslim.
You really need to be better informed.

Brenda Hughes
What? Accusing the Dems of lying? That’s the pot calling the kettle black!

No one will believe you if you don’t give us an example. Please give us an example.

I have read so many “he said – she said” claims made by both Dems and GOPers. This started bigtime on FB before Trump was elected. I started fact-finding to see if the claims were true or not. I tried to be fair and keep an open mind. But after over a hundred fact-finds, I generally (but not always) found true claims from Dems, but seldom found claims from the GOPers true.

If you’re afraid you might discover the truth and have to change your mind, we can sympathize with that. If you go on making false claims, that’s morally wrong.

Nancy Burian
I think you’re living in the past. You need to deal with the present. HRC has been gone for 4 years. Obamba [sic] has been gone for 4 years. You need to deal with the wounds and scars that government has after Trump has slashed away at the bureaucrats and career government officials. They run the government day-to-day, and Trump has tried his damnedest to ruin the bureaucracy. You have been spoonfed lies the past four years saying he’s “draining the swamp” and the Deep State, when in reality he has turned the officials into yes men who have to kiss his a$$ or get fired. The mess Trump has made may take decades to undo and you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem because you supported him.


“I’ve never heard such a disconnect with reality in my life. Congratulations, Mr. Thinks-He-Knows-It-All, from exiting from the cave you’ve been in for the last four years; you’ve got a lot to catch up on. I hope you find your moral compass while you’re at it. Good luck!”

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