2020-09-08 Nikola GM Partnership; Hydrogen

From my comments.

From what I’ve seen, Nikola is really trying to get rolling with heavy trucks with hydrogen. That’s where Milton doesn’t have to compete with Tesla. The badger pickup with batteries is kind of a hard sell because it will be competing with Tesla, and that’s nearly an impossibility without some biggie like GM behind it.

Besides, how in the hell is a company with no real products going to spread themselves so thin by having so many irons in the fire? Nikola is into the Badger BEV pickup, the Nikola heavy truck with Iveco and the building of hydrogen refueling stations around the interstates. That’s just too much, IMO. They said the Badger will be 2022. Disclosure: I have an interest in NKLA.


Apparently people don’t understand that the transportation world has to move to a green fuel, and hydrogen is the most logical solution. The heavy trucks have to be able to refuel or recharge in a few minutes, not hours as it now is with batteries. California already has 45 hydrogen fueling stations with more on the way. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are being sold by Toyota and Hyundai, probably others too in the next few years. Hydrogen is readily available but it’s not green hydrogen. But if many vehicles are already on the road when the green hydrogen starts becoming available, half of the problem will be already solved. All that will be needed is a push to construct hydrogen generating plants that use green electricity, then there will no longer be a need for hydrogen made from fossil fuels. The other transportation such as airplanes, trains and ships will be able to convert to hydrogen.

Some countries have committed to banning sales of new fossil fuel powered vehicles by 2035. This has to be a priority for the Earth.

This article says:

“One kg of hydrogen is equal to 3.3 liters of diesel fuel.”

“[The efficiency] of fuel cell vehicles is around one quarter higher than for vehicles with combustion engines.”


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