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2022-03-22 UN Chief: 1.5 Deg C Limit ‘On Life Support’

2022-03-22 UN Secretary General says “The 1.5 Deg C Limit is On Life Support” Quote: << The most ambitious goal of the treaty was to keep further global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Surpassing that threshold, climate scientists say, would lead to irreversible damage to the planet and humanity with an array of disasters: sea-level

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2022-03-01 IPCC 6 ‘Criminal Abdication Of Leadership’

The IPCC 6 report is out; 3500 pages. The UN Secretary General says “criminal abdication of leadership.” The situation is dire! Pay now or pay much more later. Quote: << [Note: it is hard to sell things and make a profit if most of your customers are dead or impoverished. How do business leaders

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