2022-02-16 Opinion Re: VAERS, Covid-19, Vaccines, Vaccination And Hesitancy, Skepticism

This Guardian opinion article is harshly critical of just about everything and everyone having to do with Covid-19, vaccines and their approvals, the pharmaceutical companies, the CDC, and vaccinations, antivaxxers, and official policies. The one item I believe is the most misleading is the paragraph about VAERS, the vaccine adverse event reporting list. The author portrays this list as having 12,000 deaths caused by vaccinations. But **correlation does not mean causation**. It is just as likely that all of the deaths on the list were not caused by vaccinations.

The proof that the vaccines are safe and effective is that over 175 Million have been vaccinated and there are very few people who have suffered an adverse reaction.

The author is highly critical of the CDC being paid by pharmaceuticals companies. But that is a government regulation.

There are many other items in this article that are dubious. The author uses “left” or “left leaning” which indicates that he is biased against the left. He is especially critical of Biden’s administration. The politics should be left out of these opinion pieces because it just causes divisiveness.

Altogether I give this a grade of C because it does have a few points that should be made. But it strays far away from the topic of why people don’t want to get vaccinated.


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