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2021-09-22 Disinformation Dozen – Politifact Info

The public should report doctors who spread Covid-19 disinformation to their state medical board. See my later blog dated 2021-09-29 for the news that YouTube is banning the Disinformation Dozen and any other antivaxxers.

2021-08-20 More On Antivaxxers

More replies to antivaxxers. Ms. Busby says she lives in Orange, CA. But Zaba says Idaho. Tina Marie Busby The antivaxxers are making money upon the deaths of innocent people who fall for their lies. The antivaxxers kill many to make money by lying to others that they are trying to save lives. There is

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2021-07-29 The Real Reason For Vaccines Is The Economy

From my YT comment The truth is that “saving peoples’ lives” is just secondary to the real reason why the government wants people to get vaccinated. The real reason is . . . It’s the economy. The government wants to end this pandemic and get people back to work. It wants to empty all the

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2021-04-07 CoVID19 And Vaccination

From FB comments Michael Chumpitazi Jr. Said, “…mind your business … stop worrying about [other people getting vaccinated]” That’s why you’re part of the problem, not the solution. You fail to recognize that prior to CoVID19 everyone was spreading this contagious disease just by being close enough to someone else to shake their hand. Being

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2020-12-19 CoVID19 Is Bad, Very Bad

Comment from Laleh Hariri From Covid-19 support group A number of people have asked me my thoughts on the coronavirus vaccines. Well, here I am this morning getting the first of my Pfizer shot series. Warning, wall of text to follow. This is my opinion, take it or leave it as you will. The science

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2020-10-08 CoVID-19 Is Now The Third Leading Cause Of Death In The United States

This pandemic has all happened in 8 months.

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2020-06-04 Coronavirus Article

Article in Yahoo, originally appeared in NY Times. Says the virion’s diameter is from 50 to 200 nanometers. Other interesting information.

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