2021-07-23 No More Big Oil To Blame For Suppressing Your Invention

David Cowlishaw
It has been more than ten years since that article was written / published, but there still hasn’t been a “water powered car.”

So what has been your excuse? You used the excuse that the “oil barons” took this invention and made it disappear. I know this for a fact. In the next two dozen years, the “oil barons” AKA fossil fuel industry is going to, by law, stop pumping/mining fossil fuels and all the energy required is going to be coming from renewables, AKA solar PV systems and wind turbines. The renewables will be able to generate 3 to 6 times the needed power and the excess power will be used to generate green hydrogen that will be stored and used at night and during the winter when sunlight is at minimum.

All the so-called inventors who blame the Big Oil for covering up their inventions will no longer have Big Oil to blame. The cars will be electric and gas stations will all be converted to EV charging stations. There will no longer be a need for ‘water powered cars’ because anyone with an EV can charge it for free from the solar panels on his home’s roof. There will be no need to pay to connect to the grid because homes will have battery electricity storage. They may need to be connected to the grid for heating because natural gas (from the earth) will not be allowed. The gas pipelines may be used for green hydrogen or gas made from green hydrogen. All fuels will be biofuels or synfuels, both will be green, not fuels from the earth.

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