2021-07-11 Fossil Fuel Deaths V. Nuclear Deaths — Be Fair!

There are so many authors that point out that fossil fuels have killed many, many more people than nuclear power plants. They have a standard claim that “only a hundred people have died, directly because of nuclear power”. But then they claim that millions have died because of fossil fuels, however those deaths are indirect, they were not directly caused by the fossil fuels. The following link is an example of this.


It is unfair to compare the unlimited number of deaths caused by fossil fuels to the extremely limited number of deaths caused by nuclear reactor radiation.

In fairness, all of the deaths indirectly caused by Chernobyl and Fukushima and others should be included.

And there are many more radiation deaths that I have never heard these authors tell us about. These are the hundreds of uranium miners who died of lung cancer a decade or more after working in the uranium mines*. Then there have been deaths of people who happened to live near Chernobyl and Fukushima and had cancer caused by radiation that got into their bodies from the food they ate or the air they breathed.

These authors seem to be trying to cover up the truth: there are many more nuclear deaths than they want to admit there are.

Note: * for more info see The Myths Of August by Stewart Udall, Ch. 9 “The Betrayal of the Uranium Miners”.

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