2021-05-15 Million Mile Battery Is Not Moot Or Irrelevant

From FB group TSLA Shareholders

De Bits
Said, “…analysts … are focused on million mile battery which is moot if not irrelevant.”

To you, Mr. De Bits, it may be irrelevant because you are apparently clueless about how important the lives of batteries are going to be for the V2G – vehicle to grid – that will force fossil fuels out of electricity generation.

See, its not just about vehicle mileage, it’s about using some of the EV’s battery for the same functions that the Tesla Powerwalls and Megapacks are used for.

Musk and Tesla have already revealed this, in fact they have piloted this in the UK and here in the US. Sometime soon it could be released pending approval. Apparently you haven’t kept up with these developments, so you might read about Tesla’s Autobidder.

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