2021-04-02 Limits On Total Numbers Of EVs Made

From FB TSLA group

I’m not sure this chart is predicting realistic numbers. As a TSLA shareholder I hope it will be that way. But if we look at the amount of raw materials that will be needed for the hundreds of millions of batteries in the future, there is a point where obtaining enough of those raw materials will get more and more difficult.

Another factor is TaaS – transportation as a service. As autonomous ride hailing makes a car less and less a necessity, fewer people will buy a new EV and instead will use the Tesla app on their smartphone to get a ride, just like Lyft or Uber.

We already have TaaS with human drivers — Lyft, Uber, taxis. To get *autonomous* ride hailing we need the software, the vehicle can be any kind.

There will be recycling raw materials from scrapped ICEVs to EVs. But that doesn’t include batteries. The newer LFP batteries use no cobalt, saving a lot of money. And they’re good enough to give decent range – 400 km or more.

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