2021-03-24 Tesla Disruptive Tech And Competition

From TSLA shareholders FB group

Allen Madison
One thing that I haven’t seen any information on is whether or not other carmakers will be replacing or expanding. If other carmakers replace existing ICE production with EVs, then there is no change in the number of cars that others produce. There are only so many customers who want a new car, so the supply vs. demand stays the same. Tesla has been expanding — it didn’t have any existing production to begin with. This scares the crap out of other carmakers because it’s taking away market share. They’re looking at Tesla’s disruptive change and seeing that the future of the auto market will be a future without them if they don’t quickly change to EVs.

But Tesla has a huge headstart and technological advantages. Tesla has already sued Rivian for theft of their intellectual property. There will be more competition and Tesla will be on top.

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