2020-11-30 All 6 States Have Certified Vote Counts – Trump Has Lost

Today all 6 states where the votes were contested have now certified their vote counts. After a recount in Wisconsin Joe Biden’s lead gained 87 votes. Trump would’ve been better off if he hadn’t asked for a recount. Trump is still denying that the vote counts are accurate: he’s still tweeting that there was voter fraud in those states. He refuses to concede. And the courts keep dismissing his lawsuits as having no substantive proof.

But at least Biden has access to the government to prepare for the changeover on Jan. 20. Biden has chosen several women as heads of various cabinet departments. And many of the women are of color.

Update Dec 2 – NBC cut Trump off when he made false statements about election fraud. It is something that should have been done from the moment he started campaigning and especially when he took office. Every time he made a false claim he should have been censored. From what I have seen in the past month (since the election) is the mainstream media have become bolder now that they have known that Trump is a lame duck president. What really bothers me is that so many people were fooled into supporting him. It’s as if the US was brainwashed into the belief that Trump was good for the country.

Update Dec 4 – Trump went and gave a 46 minute speech again insisting without proof that there was massive voter fraud. Several Republicans have said that he should stop, as more of the lawsuits that Giuliani and his lawyers filed have been dismissed by the courts as unsubstantiated. I think it’s more than 38 so far.

The scars and wounds that Trump’s 4 years have left on the US government will be seen and felt for long after the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. Trump has left most departments in a shambles with ‘acting’ department heads who were never nominated and confirmed. Trump wanted ‘yes men’ who were afraid that if they were out of line, Trump would fire them — like he did with many, many of his staff. He said they were Obama boys, or part of the Deep State, among many other bigoted excuses.

Update Dec 5 – They said on the news that California finally certified the election results and gave all of its 55 electoral votes to Biden. This puts Biden’s electoral vote count at 279, over the 270 votes he needed to win the election. The fool we have in the White House still refuses to concede and is still trying to fight the results in court. He is going to appeal to the Supreme court of one state, I’m not sure which one. But it’s a foregone conclusion that the results will be the same as all the previous lawsuits he has filed: the court will dismiss it as baseless. Meanwhile the news said that he has collected over $200 million in campaign donations that he can spend on more fiascos.

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