2020-11-26 Hatemonger – Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, And …

I received the book Hatemonger by Jean Guerrero a few days ago and I’ve been reading it. The stories are from relatives, friends, classmates, acquaintances and those who have known him. They were interviewed by the author and references are given.

The first four chapters cover Stephen Miller’s youth up until he graduated from Santa Monica High School. This guy is a contradiction in so many ways. He dresses like a dandy but would refuse to clean up after eating.

Miller’s Jewish ancestors immigrated from eastern Europe. They came to the US because the pogroms that occurred under the Russians. What mystifies me is how someone whose ancestors suffered so much could turn around and cause the same suffering on others. The only answer that is obvious from reading the eyewitness accounts is it’s Miller’s extreme racism. His hatred for brown-skinned people. He hated when others talked Spanish and told them, “Speak English!”

I’m starting to read the time he gets involved with Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon.

I’ve been thinking about what motivates a person with radical extremist views. In Miller’s case he came from a home of well-to-do, well educated liberals. He graduated from Duke University in Durham, NC so he’s not a dummy. He switched to the radical right during his teenage years in Middle and high school.

I’ve been reading the time Miller has been in the White House and micromanaging the illegal immigrant issues. Miller has been directly responsible for getting career government officials kicked out of their department for questioning the President’s decisions. He has had people reassigned just because that person spoke up and questioned Miller’s decisions. The federal law says it’s not legal to discriminate against a government employee because of their political views, so Miller is violating the laws.

Trump fired Comey from directing the FBI just one day before he was eligible for retirement. That is just plain evil.

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