2020-10-03 Tesla And Hydrogen

My comment to a YouTube video.

Like Tom says, “in my opinion…” There will be an upward trend in the production of green hydrogen and consequently a downward trend in the cost per kg. Large fleets of heavy vehicles can be converted from diesel to hydrogen, and it has the advantage of faster refueling than BEVs.

I’m all into TSLA, but one can’t say what the future holds. Toyota, Hyundai and others have invested a huge amount into FCEV R&D and they’re not playing games. California already has 45 hydrogen fueling stations and there are more being built. Hydrogen also acts as a storage like batteries, so it can be used for stationary generation of power.

There are other forms of energy storage. There is even a car that runs off compressed air. 👍

The only thing for certain is that fossil fueled vehicles won’t be made any longer. That’s extremely important.

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