2013-05-15 Phase Shift Oscillator, JFET, Stabilized

P1030544S2Drawn May 14, 2013.  I plan on building it soon.  I think it would be better to replace the 82k with a 130k and use a smaller value pot, maybe 25k.  I may have to use some 1% precision resistors and capacitors to get the frequency to be stable over a temperature range and supply voltage range.  The idea is to be able to receive this with the superregenerative receiver that I blogged earlier, and use the signal to close a relay to tell me the garage door is open.  The receiver will have a band pass filter to prevent false triggering by noisy interference.  I got the formula out of a website, but I think the formula  should read Fo = 1 / (2 * Pi * R * C * sqrt(6)), in other words the 1 should be divided by the whole expression.

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