2022-05-12 Biodiesel Particulates Don’t Matter Guterres Quote

It doesn’t matter whether or not biodiesel has particulate matter. What matters is biodiesel and vegetable oils do not put any *new* CO2 into the atmosphere. Global warming has already brought us close to the 1.5 deg. C limit. If it continues, the warming will be 4 deg. C or more by 2100 and most of the inhabited areas will become unliveable. This week (2022 May 12) parts of India and Pakistan have suffered a heat wave of 47 deg. C or 120 deg. F and nearly unliveable conditions. People are dying of heat stroke. When will your area become unliveable?

According to Bill McKibben of 350.org, U.N. Secretary General Antonio.Guterres said, “At this point it is economically and morally insane to continue new investments in the development of fossil fuels.”

McKibben said, “But that [IPCC AR6 WG3] report reminds us that fossil fuel is at the root of our problems. It is at the root of the despotisms that we see in Russia or in Saudi Arabia, or indeed the Koch Brothers’ efforts to deform our own democracy. And it’s also at the root of the biggest existential challenge that we’ve ever faced. Remember, it was late last month [2022 March] when we watched temperatures in the Antarctic climb to 70 deg. Fahrenheit above normal.”

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