2022-03-31 Solar Tariffs 50% Or More!


Comment on FB group (look at the bar graph)

This article said “…Nearly 40% year-over-year.” That’s good but not good enough. That needs to be more than 100% year-over-year.

The whole solar industry depends on the wafer fabrication facilities, which have grown but demand is still exceeding the supply. The US needs a large domestic supply of PV wafers and should use the war production act to make solar panel production high priority and triple or more the number of utility scale solar farms brought online every year.

The federal government should mandate that the fossil fuel industry make production and installation of utility scale solar and wind the highest priority, *before* they do anything fossil fuel related.

It’s the only way that the US will be able to meet the 1.5 deg C commitments and *stop fossil fuels*.

Bar graph of (only) solar PV by state. Look at how far California is compared to the other states! But it’s still only 20% of the total. All states need to be at least 20%! The US total is barely 3% – that’s far, far too low!

The article says that tariffs on solar panels could add 50% or more to the cost and this huge unknown tariff cost is preventing contractors from building new solar projects. The government should add tariffs to foreign solar to bring the price up to half of the difference. Then give the tariff money to the domestic solar company to reduce their price to equal the foreign panels.

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