2021-10-27 The Electric Grid Will Not Be Overloaded By EVs

From FB reply.

Jeff Perry
I call BS on your specious assertions. The electric grid will not have to be upgraded more than a third because the energy used by EVs is less than 1/3 of the energy of a fossil fuels car. There will no longer be drilling, refining, transporting and dispensing fossil fuels, all of which take a large amount of electricity.

No solar array, no charger is needed. The EV comes with the adapter to plug into the wall.

There will be a half million chargers installed all over the US, to add to the 100,000 already in place.

<<< TAAS >>>

You will *not* have to depend on mass transportation! The robotaxis will allow the average car owner to go from $500 or more a month for loan, gas, insurance and maintenance to $100 to $200 for full autonomous ride hailing.

That so-called ‘valley of death’ may extend far into the future if autonomous ride hailing becomes the leading form of transportation. Remember that now cars sit 95% of the time doing nothing. If they become autonomous robotaxis then it will take less than 20% of the vehicles to do the same jobs. While you’re at work your vehicle can be out earning money transporting riders. The number of vehicles needed will be much less as long as there are plenty of autonomous vehicles.

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