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2021-10-27 The Electric Grid Will Not Be Overloaded By EVs

From FB reply. Jeff Perry I call BS on your specious assertions. The electric grid will not have to be upgraded more than a third because the energy used by EVs is less than 1/3 of the energy of a fossil fuels car. There will no longer be drilling, refining, transporting and dispensing fossil fuels,

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2021-08-07 Autonomous Ride Hailing – Tesla And Others

Jeffrey Levine Said, “there is 0 chance they will get 30% of the market. At 10% they would be most successful with their margins.” Tesla has stated that their business is not to prevent other car makers from competing; they want to get rid of ICEVs. But Tesla is so far ahead of the others

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2021-02-09 Cathie Wood: EVs Half Of All Cars Sold In 5 Years And Other Predictions

Cathie Wood talks about EVs at about the 20 minute mark in this YouTube video. The first part is economics. She talks about digital wallets. She thinks 200 million digital wallets in the US, and it will put financial institutions in harm’s way. As part of automation, she talks about autonomous ride hailing. She says

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