2021-09-08 Critics Say Brainwashed By MSM, But They Never Tell What’s NOT MSM!

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Patrick Brennan
BTW I don’t have cable TV, no CNN, no MSNBC, no evil propaganda. Just the truth. And if you have some other form of truth, please feel free to ‘convert’ me to the side you’re on.

I have heard criticisms from many people telling how the MSM has corrupted, etc. *Not once* have I ever been told what I *should* be watching or reading. I really think that those who criticize me really haven’t any clue as to what is *not* MSM — they must get all their “news” from social media! 🤪🤪

So all these people are using the “blame game” of blaming “MSM” – mainstream media – for “brainwashing” someone like me who gives them a link to the truth. They have to defend their alternative truth by demonizing MSM, MSNBC, CNN, or some other cable TV channel, which I don’t have. No, they make derogatory remarks about the pedigree of the news sources, but they have *never* told me what I *should* be watching. It’s a shallow defense against being well-informed. These people are well-misinformed.

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