2021-04-15 Needs More Websites That Make Fun Of The Right

What the online world needs is dozens of websites that satirically poke fun at the right, making up false tales of their leaders. The idea is to make the right spend so much time repairing their reputations that they don’t have time to attack anyone else.

But I believe that life is a two way street. I see so much fake news from the right that I think it’s fair for the left to generate as much fake news about the right as the right does about the left. But I’m not advocating that this be taken beyond the point where the left equals the right.

Only one problem. The right believes that “MSM” (mainstream media) is already doing that same thing. The right thinks that anything the MSM says is made-up and fake news. The right can’t tell true from false when it comes to the news. Their whole world revolves around false narratives.

So adding dozens of satire websites that poke fun at the right is most likely to have no effect on the average radical right wing extremist. That’s sad. It’s like polishing a turd — no matter how much you polish it, it’s still just a turd.

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