2021-02-22 Facebook Group Scientists Warning

I joined this Facebook group a few weeks ago and found the admins censor the posts. One such example is below (screenshot). I don’t know what they mean by a “but if text” but I didn’t do anything other than attempt to post two recommended books by Vaclav Smil. I searched for “but if text” and I found a lot of stuff that applied to spreadsheets.

What other hoops am I supposed to jump through to get this past the censors who don’t explain why they’re censoring? They seem to want links but I don’t have a preference for book dealers, and I don’t have Amazon Prime. Just search on eBay or online and the sellers will be there.

There are numerous anti-Gates people who are telling everyone that Bill Gates is “too rich” among other things and is bad for climate change. Perhaps the admin who censored me has this problem?

I think I’m dealing with a bunch of narrow-minded people who are not actually doing anything for climate change.


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