2021-01-21 Biden Cancels Trump’s Keystone Pipeline Permission

From FB comment

I see all this speculation about what’s going to happen in the future with the Keystone Pipeline but no one brings up a few very important points.

There are already pipelines from Canada to the south, so this cancelled pipeline is increasing the existing amount coming into the US. The cancellation is not preventing the dilbit, it’s preventing the increase.

The amount of fossil fuels consumed in the US is going to decrease over time, hopefully dramatically in less than a decade. I think that much of the petroleum products will then be exported, which is not helpful to the GHG emissions. The higher the prices of fossil fuels, the better to decrease consumption.

There is a lot of money behind the pipeline. It’s time sensitive because eventually the decrease in consumption is going to render it a stranded asset. It might be blocked off into segments and be used as storage of pressurized hydrogen. But in any case, all the political noise isn’t going to change the future where fossil fuels will stop being consumed.

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