2020-10-13 Climate Change Lawsuits, Legal Actions

Ooh, this article is finally showing that the ones who are suffering are getting really serious. Those corporations who deny climate change are going to have to answer to the courts. We should hope and pray that the courts handle these types of cases as expeditiously as possible, because to delay would be extremely harmful to the planet as a whole.

Thanks to Big Tobacco companies fighting the courts, we now have a well-developed body of legal cases that the lawyers can use to prosecute the fossil fuel industry. We need this to speed up the prosecution.

Let it be known. There are those who are convicted of defrauding someone — they deserve punishment.

There are those like B. Madoff who are convicted of defrauding thousands of people out of many Billions of dollars — they deserve severe punishment.

Then there are those who are convicted of defrauding the people of the whole Earth. These convicts deserve the severest of punishments: the Chinese execution. The morning after they are convicted, they are taken out before dawn and… BOOM! Bullet through the head. Their widow gets the bill for the bullet. Problem solved.


A Quote from this article:

>> Third, we want to make robust litigation-relevant science widely available and accessible to legal scholars and practitioners, local officials, affected communities and other interested parties. We want to make sure that societal decisions are informed by science. For that to happen, relevant research must be available outside of academic and scholarly circles.

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