2020-09-19 BLM Does Not Matter To Blacks

Black Lives Matter does not matter to blacks. I’m not sure why there are so many ‘blacktivist’ protesters on the street. They carry signs that say things like “Silence is Compliance” or “White Silence is Violence!” Maybe they just want to be seen on the News. Most black homicides are caused by blacks killing blacks. Here are the shocking statistics in this short 5.6 min. YouTube video. I had to watch it a few times to let it sink in. It’s important that everyone understands that the real problem is not the police; the problem is the neighbors around you who are killing each other.



@Coco G
Said, “…this election will [affect] the US like no other election.”
The 2016 election shaped the US like no other previous election. It allowed the Russkies to get a ‘businessman’ as president who admits that he was using the bankruptcy laws to his advantage. By simple observation this ‘businessman’ is in cahoots with the Russians. If the Russian Internet Research Agency hadn’t meddled with social media, he wouldn’t be president, so that was the election that “shaped the US” like no other.

When has there ever been a president who let a news network shape policy instead of the agencies of the government?? When was there ever a congressional political party that allowed an impeached president to meddle with its financial legislation regarding a foreign country (Ukraine)? When was there ever a president who had so many of his staff convicted and sent to jail? When has there been a president who caused so much embarrassment to his political party? There are so many more “abnormalities” that I could talk about.

It could be that the president gets reelected and both houses of Congress are controlled by the Democrats. Then Congress could impeach the president and convict him too. Then we would have Pence for president. That could be just as bad or worse.

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