2019-10-01 Renewable Energy Denial


I left a Comment:

This myths list makes no room for solutions, it ignores what is already being done to address many of its concerns. The claim about the Mojave Desert is one example. California is leading the way to making renewables a major part of the energy consumed. Hundreds of thousands of homes have solar panels on roofs and in urban areas, which take up no land that is for habitat. The claim about “coal plants are ten times less than clean energy…” ignores the fact that a coal plant consumes many times its weight in coal every day during its whole lifetime, solar and wind don’t. And the open pit coal mines take up a huge amount of land and cause major disruption of the environment.
I could go on, but this article is too one-sided and critical of clean energy and portrays it as being evil, without merit or without solution. As was said at the end, much could be done by reducing energy use. One problem not confined to clean energy is overpopulation, and that must be solved for all of humanity.

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