2020-07-08 SCOTUS: Employers Health Plans No Longer Have To Pay For Contraceptives

The Supreme Court decided against the Obamacare law requiring employers’ health plans to pay for birth control. The employer must have religious or moral objections to birth control. This is not a major victory for Trumpism because the employee can find a job somewhere that doesn’t have an objection.

There is the “externalities” or unintended consequences. By giving exemptions, the organizations that take the exemption make them less competitive when it comes to attracting new employees. The exemption also gives a further reason to implement Medicare For All and give healthcare and birth control to all legal US residents.

An interesting statistic from this article:

<< Over 61.4 million women in the US have birth control coverage with zero out-of-pocket costs, according the National Women’s Law Center. >>


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