2019-05-08 Dad’s Barber Shop In Stock Yards In Vernon, CA

Most of this was in FB group Compton 50s 60s

My dad’s barber shop was in the old Stock Yards in Vernon. He used to take me there on Saturdays and we’d drive by the murals of Farmer John and his livestock on the walls along Bandini Blvd, IIRC. I used to climb on the big boulders (to me at that time; I was just a kid) that were a monument to a battle that had taken place long ago where the Stock Yard was. When they tore down the Stock Yards they moved those boulders to the entrance in front of the Vernon P.D. at the City Hall (see photo below). Some day I’ll have to go there and take a selfie of me on those boulders. 😁

Another unforgettable place near there was where Dad took us; it was the Bethlehem Steel plant near there. Some called her Lady Beth because the plant was a place in the poorer part of town where one could get a good job. This steel plant was a huge building with a roof but the sides we’re open to the air. When you saw what was done there you could understand why. There was a big furnace to heat big billets of steel weighing many tons. The furnace lid would slide open and a gantry crane would reach in and pull one out and when it came out we could feel the heat on our faces in the car parked a few hundred feet away. The crane would lay this huge yellow-orange hot billet on to a

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