2019-01-17 Power Outlets Made From Electric Outlets

From FB comment to Bill Sherman’s post

Bill Sherman

The cable jacket may be too big diameter to fit into the clamp. But you might consider the special 20 amp plug, the one they put on the power strips that are used in the server racks. I forget what they’re called, but we specified those when the electrical contractors installed the outlets under the raised floors.

Nasty fire inspectors saw the bespoke outlets like yours that we were using under the office desks and they wrote us up because every ‘power strip’ had to have a 15 amp breaker and an on/off switch. So I got a bunch of them and I used them for decades in our *temporary* computer setups during peak periods, which then got taken down later. Those were a fire inspectors’ nightmare! 😱😂😂😂 They work great, and ours didn’t have a switch, which sometimes got accidently turned off which shut down a whole row of PCs. 😬😬

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