2018-11-17 Cause Of Bleedover From Radio Stations

from FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-11-19

I used to work for a guy who did radio engineering and would troubleshoot problems such as this ‘bleedover’. For convenience some radio stations colocate their transmitters near or at the same site. Because the signal strengths are very high, the two stations can cross modulate their signals and give sum and difference signals. This can be caused by rust and/or corrosion on metals especially if they are dissimilar metals. Copper oxide was once used for rectifiers. So if the interference is heard on more than one receiver, it could be the radio stations or something nearby is causing the problem. This has been called the Rusty Bolt Effect. If this can be verified, the radio stations should be notified so they can take remedial action.

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