2018-10-05 Air Band Radio Kit HMOOABRA_4.3 Part 1

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I ordered this air band radio kit from China a few weeks ago and received it a few days ago. Yesterday I spent most of the day assembling it. I’m an experienced kit builder and believe me, it was difficult. The kit came with a single sheet of paper, on one side was a discription and the other side was the schematic. The description was written in Chinglish and was no help in assembling the kit. The PC board had a part number, like C27, but no value. So each part had to be looked up on the schematic to find out what the value was. But the schematic on the paper and online was blurry and the part numbers and values were nearly impossible to read. This made the kit very difficult to assemble correctly and most inexperienced kit builders would find it too difficult, with many mistakes being made.

I spent more than 2 hours going to the schematic and puzzling out the part numbers, then puzzling out the proper values for the parts. This was in addition to the time I spent finding each part, inserting it properly, soldering it in and clipping off the leads. This kit was easier to do than my previous kit because there were no coils to wind. The coils were a part of the printed circuit traces, spirals on the board. No tuning to do, just solder the capacitors.

I finally finished with the assembly. I had to double check as I was assembling, tracing the leads between parts to see that they corresponded to the parts on the schematic, so my checks after assembly were more like the third time. I hooked it up to a short antenna, speaker and the power supply and prepared for the sight and smell of smoke. But I didn’t get anything, other than a click on the speaker. Volume was up and the squelch was off, so I used a small screwdriver to turn the slug in the IF can. After adjusting the slug for the most hiss, I didn’t have the volume control turned up, maybe a quarter turn. No matter where I adjusted the tuning, I heard nothing but hiss.

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