2018-06-12 Casio Watches And A Vivid Dream

First paragraph from FB group Bell Telephone…

I had one of these Casio Data Tel watches, but I never used that feature. I used the calculator a lot, though. The buttons got scuffed up badly when I worked in tight places. I’ve had many Casio calculator watches, up until lately when I started using my phone.

Vivid Dream – June 15

I had a dream last night, really weird. I was walking home, and I kept having to cross over freshly laid cement sidewalks. My feet kept getting stuck in the cement. I had a big smartphone, too big to fit in a pocket, with detachable screen and keyboard that I had to keep in my hands to keep losing them. I kept slipping in the wet cement, and I looked around to see if anyone would be mad at me for leaving footprints in the cement. I noticed that traffic had stopped coming from downtown, so I looked to see why, and saw in the distance that a herd of cattle were coming down the streets. They were being chased by their herd dogs. I was afraid to stay in the streets so I went inside this old hotel.

I went and told the manager that a herd of cattle would soon fill the streets. We looked out the door and saw many very young cows, small but very active, trying to run away from the herd. He locked the doors and we went up the stairs to the mezzanine that overlooked the lobby. The sounds outside got very loud and somehow the younger calfs got inside and were trying to come up the stairways. We tried to shoo them away, but they kept on going up the stairs and we decided to hop up on the couch and try to stay out of their way. So we’re watching these young calfs trample through the place, and finally the herd of cows passed by and they left the hotel. I went back on the road, but I couldn’t figure out how to take a photo with the phone. Some family was watching the whole spectacle, dogs running around chasing the straggler calfs. I asked them how to take a shortcut home and the woman pointed toward the hills. I looked and saw bushes as high as my waist, and said that I wasn’t going to try to go through the bushes. I left, and it was dark and I just followed far behind the herd of cattle. It was a totally crazy but vivid dream!

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