2018-03-30 Conserve Energy

From FB group Orange Talk

“So what’s your secret?”

Diligence. Turn the lights out. Use task lights like a desk lamp. Change every light to LED bulbs.

Use cold water for washing. The gas dryer saves a lot on electricity. Don’t use a hair dryer. Don’t use a toaster. Don’t use an electric coffee maker. Don’t use, or use very little of appliances that draw heavy power. Use a Bissell push sweeper instead of a Hoover.

Probably the biggest savings is due to the double paned windows and patio doors. Make sure the cold and heat isn’t coming in through the cracks in the doors. Fix the cracks with weather strip.

All these little things add up, if they are doing their jobs then there will be money saved. The utilities have literature online and hardcopy that can explain further. And the best thing is it helps to save our environment. 👍

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  1. Thomas Hybicki says:

    I found a tankless electric water heater to knock down my power bill by $20-25 per month.
    All my high useage lights are LED, the rest are CFL s.
    I prefer the Daylight type LED, My wife suffers from SAD during the winter and this seems to help her. It seems to help old eyes too.
    Im also researching changing my shop light to a T8 LED. Only 18.5 watts and more light.
    Ive got double pane windows, but wish I d spent a little extra and gotten triple.
    Expanding foam is my friend. I prefer the DAP latex type. Cleans with soap and water, and can be molded to shape like marshmallow.

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