2018-02-04 AT&T Breakup Speculation

From FB group Bell Telephone of …

From a customer viewpoint, I’d agree with Trevor Hammonds.  Glenn Peters said, “…there were some gains, but more losses.”  Gains or losses for whom?

Looking back at what MCI did – selling long distance minutes for half the price – I think that CLECs would have independently introduced newer technology to their customers and AT&T would have had to cut prices for old technology or else introduce new technology at a loss of profit (AT&T had amortized equipment over a very long time).   In the end, AT&T had to go bankrupt and was absorbed into the SBC megacorp.  When we look back, it’s hindsight is 20/20.  But it was what it was, and it’s just speculation as to what would’ve happened if things were different.

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