2017-10-29 Esther Had No FingerprintsĀ 

From FB group Bell Telephone…

Speaking of federal contracts…  I had a neighbor, Esther, who was 96, and she told me about her husband’s company, Glaser engineering.  During WW 2, they were bidding on some government contract, so they had to be investigated by the FBI.  They had to have their fingerprints taken.  A few weeks later, the agents came to  investigate why all her fingerprints were smudged.  They examined her fingers and found that she had no fingerprints!  I said really?   She said sure, have a look and held out her hand.  Other than wrinkles (she was 96!) her fingers were completely smooth.  I said, you should’ve been a burglar!  I was surprised, but I forgot to ask if I could get a photograph.  But she died a few months later, and I didn’t have the opportunity.  The only person I have ever heard of having no fingerprints.  So if anyone tells you that everyone has fingerprints, call them a liar!

Also they lost a lot of money on the contract.  👎

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  1. anirudh says:

    hey, its actually quite common, in india we are having the same problem as the country is enrolling the population in a biometric ID card program called aadhaar done by uidai department

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