2021-10-25 Disruptive Technologies And High Risk

FB group TSLA… answer to wild speculation after TSLA stock rocketed past $1000 today.

Other than pipe dream speculation, I see only a single word that has truth to it: disrupt.

Due to its bleeding edge technology, there is no telling with certainty where the future will lie. Disruptive innovation goes along with high risk; the disruption may lead up a blind alley from where the only way out is the way that one comes in. So the pioneers must keep plenty of wampum on hand to trade with the locals in order to stay alive while crossing the deserts of technology.

I hope that all these wild assed predictions come true, but that’s not likely to happen. Some may. Some may not. In sum it will work out for better or worse. One just has to look at the abandoned industries across America to see what I’m saying.

There was this guy who sold PCs out of the trunk of his car and turned the business into a multi-Billion dollar business. But now it’s not so much known for the PCs, but for Big Iron servers in racks. Same kind of thing happened to Digital Equipment Corporation. So one can never really tell what the future holds in store.

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