2021-05-21 GF Texas, Hundreds Of Model Y Castings

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I see xxx is hurting the stock price.
Or yyy is going to help the stock price.

The stock price is going to go anywhere or nowhere depending on the whims of investors. We as individuals don’t collectively have the money to make much difference in the long run. So just enjoy the stability it has right now, so you can buy another share or whatever when the paycheck comes in. In another week or so I’ll be able to afford several more shares if the price stays stable. Come fall or winter we should see some better quarterly financials and hear news about the schedules for the various models.

Right today the Quad Squad showed *hundreds* of mY castings coming from the now operational gigapress at GF Texas, and they won’t need that many for testing. So they must be going to use them in real EVs. That’s very encouraging.

They’re going good despite the rainy weather. Walls, roofs and windows are getting installed and the steel frames are being erected to the south. There are other construction projects on the site, so it’s getting there. Patience is required, though. Stay calm and enjoy the stability.

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