2021-12-01 TSLA Hits $1000

In November, 2021 Hertz said they had ordered 100,000 model 3s from Tesla. Shortly thereafter TSLA hit $1000 a share. The numbers are mind boggling. At 5000 EVs a week, all of them going to Hertz, that would require 20 weeks to produce. Obviously not all will go to Hertz, so it’s going to take a lot longer than 20 weeks to fill the order. Plus the demand for individual buyers keeps growing. It looks like the demand for the 3 and Y is so great that Tesla may have to build a second assembly line at GF Texas just for model 3. I get the feeling that the Cybertruck is going to take even longer to be produced. 😧😢

But there are only so many drivers in the US so Hertz’s cars will allow some customers to lease a model 3 for a year or two and it will take some pressure off demand for individual buyers. Beside that, the MIC M3s can be (and supposedly will be) imported to USA and that will help relieve pressure.

This morning I parked next to a Model X and I was impressed!! If TSLA keeps ‘rocketing to the moon’ I’ll be able to afford a Model X instead of a Y!!

Update 2021-11-26
TSLA has been around $1100 +- $60 or so. It’s being influenced by Elon Musk’s sale of stock in sizeable blocks.

Update 2021-12-01 TSLA is still around $1150.

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