2022-06-12 New Hydrogen Electrolyzer From Hysata

New hydrogen electrolyzer from Hysata


Re: conventional electrolyzers, he said, “”…however, difficulties in production and storage, a long with inefficiencies, have stopped it from being a game changer.””
I don’t see what “difficulties in production and storage” have to do with this. Hydrogen is already being produced, stored and transported in massive quantities, albeit from fossil fuels. So those are not really issues.
That leaves inefficiencies. Well, the ICEVs AKA gasoline engine cars are far more inefficient, something like 25% for the vehicle itself, but far less when looking at the “well to wheels” efficiency. Yet the world has these armchair pundits who claim that the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle’s efficiency is holding HFCEVs back. This is absurd! This specious claim comes straight from the Big Oil playbook!
One reason why HFCEVs haven’t “taken off” is because the chicken-and-egg problem of lack of fueling stations has been caused by the multi-million dollar cost of installing a hydrogen fuel station. Another reason has been the rapid rise of the battery electric vehicle. They have attracted the consumers, and continue to do so but are butting heads with the inability to supply enough raw materials, mainly lithium.
There are other factors that make green hydrogen the energy storage method of choice. One is that green hydrogen is made using essentially free energy when the excess energy from renewables would otherwise be curtailed. This is the pathway to 100% renewable energy!
So it would benefit the world if the pundits supported by Big Oil were ignored.

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