2022-04-17 Texas Is A Walled Garden Of Bigotry And Hatred

I love this article. It starts with: (quote)

<< Texas is a walled garden of bigotry and hatred. It prides itself on telling people what they can and cannot think, say, or do in the name of freedom. For instance, it is so intent on avoiding federal regulations, it has built an entire electrical grid that is walled off from the rest of the nation. >>

Then, in February 2021 when the grid failed due to below freezing weather, ERCOT – the Electric “Reliability” Council Of Texas, didn’t want to take the blame for failing to weatherize the grid, when being strongly urged to after the same thing that had happened ten years earlier. 😧😱😡 Billions of dollars of damage was caused by flooding from frozen water pipes that burst.

But I digress. Back to this article. Quote:

<< Freedom means being able to reward your friends so they will make generous campaign contributions later. In Texas, freedom and corruption are synonymous. >>

And the end. (quote)

<< “Freedom” and “brains”are both in short supply down there in the Oil Patch. >> 😡🤬


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