2022-01-16 You’re Wrong About Hydrogen Cars

This 4 day new LTT video about hydrogen EVs has a much more impartial view of hydrogen EVs. Elon calls hydrogen “… a staggeringly dumb form of energy storage…” But if you compare it to ICEVs, it’s nowhere near as bad. And right now, most vehicles are ICEVs using even more inefficient gasoline. Elon should be less biased and less critical of hydrogen EVs.

In the video they showed a 700 bar (10,000 PSI) hydrogen tank being shot with a bullet and said there was no explosion.

One issue they pointed out is that BEVs like Teslas are heavy cars due to the heavy batteries needed for decent range. This compromises the ride and handling. Hydrogen EVs are not as heavy and have a better ride and handling.

The biggest issue is getting ‘H70’ filling stations built but governments are subsidizing these stations.


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