2022-01-09 List Of What We Do To Mitigate Climate Change

We – everyone – should be required to have a personal list that enumerates what we are doing to mitigate climate change. Am I setting the thermostat to warmer in summer and cooler in winter? Are we driving less to reduce fossil fuels consumption? Are we reducing consumption of beef? And all the other things that are included in that bar graph.

Highest priority items in the list:

1) Stopping deforestation

2) Making buildings energy efficient; decreasing the amount of fuel we use to heat or cool our homes

3) Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, banning fossil fuel vehicles, reducing travel by fossil fuel powered airplanes

4) Reducing people’s energy consumption

5) Increasing the price of products that do not respect environmental criteria

6) Reducing meat consumption, especially beef and dairy products

7) Reducing waste, increasing recycling, repairing instead of replacing

8) Radically changing our agricultural model

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