2021-06-02 Scientists’ Climate Change Agendas??

From FB group climate change

Simo Ruoho said,
“This is climate, free of agendas.”

I don’t see where the scientists who predict ‘climate change’ as we know it have an agenda. They are deathly afraid of what their observations show is happening and measurements and models show what the future will be like. They would much rather have ‘business as usual’, the same lack of concern that humans have had for a few hundred years.

The scientific method is to be skeptical of the experimental results obtained by other scientists, and to replicate the experiment to confirm or disprove those results. If the results are confirmed by many other scientists, then the original hypothesis is accepted as valid.

This climate change theory has gone through the same rigorous experimenting, and has been confirmed by other scientists. The agendas that I see are hoping for results that climate change is much less of a problem than scientists have found it to be, so they won’t have to be so concerned about the future. But the opposite has happened.

But perhaps the scientists should ignore the warning signs and let humanity make large amounts of the Earth uninhabitable. That would be an agenda — population reduction caused by ignoring the climate change predictions. 😱😱😱

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